Your journey to financial stability

Oribar provides a personal financial management solution aimed at simplifying savings, budgeting and debt management.

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Improve your savings with Pulse

Pulse gives personalized insight into your finances to help stay on your budget and finances. Major insights with pulse include:


Savings Opportunity Insight

This feature notifies you when extra cash may be available for savings. With this insight, you can save all the money you can towards your down payment.


Subscription Insight

Know where your money is going regularly and get alerted if the amount changes or a new subscription is detected.

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Category Spending Insight

Get alerted when your spending limit for a category is disproportionally growing. Compare previous months to the current month.


Other insights

Debt repayment reminder, subscription price increase, overdraft warning, payroll deposit, duplicate payment, and more.

Achieve your money goals

Get much more comfortable with your finance by integrating all your accounts and viewing your recurring payments, debts, cash flow, money trends, and much more.



The Transactions tool provides an overview of your recent spending across all accounts, and the ability to search or filter for something specific.


Budget Tool

Budgets can help you set realistic monthly spending limit and avoid exceeding those limits. The Budgets tool draws your eye to the areas that need your attention the most: big bubbles represent a larger portion of your monthly budget, and red bubbles have exceeded their monthly allowance.



Whether it’s saving for downpayment, paying off a car loan, or just putting some money away for emergencies, we all have financial goals that require long-term planning. The Goals tab helps you make those plans and allows you to visualize them on a simple timeline.

Debt Management

The Debts tool is a powerful tool that allows you to see all of your debts in one place and create an expedited payoff plan. The Debts tool teaches you how to use the snowball method, a debt-payment strategy that can dramatically reduce both the time it takes to pay off debt and the amount of interest you'll pay


Fastest payoff

Debts are ordered by which debt you will pay off soonest, based on balance, APR, and minimum payment. This ordering is considered the standard snowball method.


Highest interest first

Debts are ordered from your highest APR to the lowest APR. This ordering is often referred to as the "avalanche method"; it can save you more money over the life of the debt.


Lowest balance first

Debts are ordered by balance from lowest to highest.


Highest balance first

Debts are ordered by balance from highest to lowest.

Financial strength with Finstrong

Get your financial strength summary based on your money habits. With finstrong, you can see where you are most struggling financially and doing great and need to maintain.